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Digital Marketing platforms such as Google Search, Google Display Network and YouTube are used to identify and target users to drive actions and conversions on your website.

These platforms allow you to communicate directly with your target audience in ways that were not possible before!

Using a suite of 3rd party platforms and services as well as internally developed solutions our teams will execute, monitor, and manage all your campaigns across all active platforms.

At the start of every project our team will sit down with you to take you through the following onboarding process

Planning and Strategy

The team will meet with your existing marketing and management teams to build on the information and planning from the strategy phase with proposals for their recommended Digital Marketing activities according to business objectives to finalize monthly and quarterly campaign plans

Execution and Optimization

Implement, monitor, and refine the campaigns across all active digital marketing platforms. All active campaigns will be monitored considering performance with reactive alterations made supporting an increase in return on investment (ROI)


At the end of every month the team will sit down to monitor campaign effectiveness to ensure that we are on track to meet your goals and if not modifications to upcoming campaigns will be made according to prior learnings

After the above-mentioned activities are completed, we will hand over a set of recommendations that will allow us to use our complimentary services to build or improve your digital platforms and digital marketing. Our quarterly reviews will allow us to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the recommended strategies through agreed KPIs

Through this process of continuous review and optimization our team will make sure that your campaigns are always driving the best possible ROI while adhering to all of the latest updates and best practices in both Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most effective form of indirect digital marketing, it allows you to grab the attention of customers who would normally be too expensive to reach via digital marketing campaigns or someone who would normally be higher up the marketing funnel than direct marketing campaigns can reach effectively.

Optimizing your website for the best possible search ranking can be broken down into two key areas, Content Optimization and Technical Optimization.

Content Optimization

One of the largest contributors to your websites search rank will be your content, both the on-page content of every page as well as the meta information on the back end. Having your content correctly written and formatted for SEO will be key to a good search ranking for every page and our teams will work with you in both creating content for a new website as well as updating existing website content based on both market and user data.

Technical Optimization

The next step in ensuring good search rank is ensuring that the systems that run the website are properly configured for optimal speed and search engine compatibility. Our teams can both work with existing websites and IT staff to implement changes and optimize back end operations while working with developers during site creation to ensure all the most current best practices are in place to increase search rank over time.

Once the initial round of recommendations have been implemented the team will monitor organic traffic to the website monthly and produce a report every three months on the current search rank of the site as well as the recommendations for changes to be made for the following quarter

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