So you’ve invested in a content team and established a solid digital footprint for your brand but you're starting to see a plateau in terms of growth - this is where Digital Analytics comes in.

One of the biggest advantages of Digital Advertising is the sheer amount of data that is generated, between customers, websites, and social media channels.

Understanding user interactions and triggers can reduce cart abandonment and dropped inquiries leading to lower cost per inquiry targets.

Our Digital Analytics team

Can help you make the most of your data by looking at all the data available and identifying patterns from broad data sets such as user behaviour in specific countries all the way down to how individual users interreact with your company

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Website & App Analytics

Using a combination of available analytics tools our team will be able to help you identify user behavior across your website and provide valuable insights into website content, layout and user experience. These insights can be used to further optimize your website to ensure that any future investments only serve to improve the user experience and drive increased traffic to the site.

Social Media Analytics

Social media platforms are a gold mine of user information but can also be a minefield if international and platform laws and restrictions are not adhered to. Our teams will help you extract the most information possible from each platform while still abiding by their terms of use and international law so that your social media content is always catering to your most valuable users and providing quality feedback to your teams.

Business Intelligence

Websites and Social Media channels are not the only areas where digital analytics come into play, as the world becomes increasingly more connected more and more companies, governments and organizations publish valuable market reports and insights that could benefit your business.

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