Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is the foundation in which your Digital platforms and marketing is built on. Clear direction that’s translated into goals and objectives should be measures against a set of KPIs, which will then help you understand your ROI and opportunity cost.

At XDigital solutions, we analyse and understand 3 main components before recommending you solutions.

1. Product or service offering

Our initial questionnaire will allow us to have an understanding of your product or service offerings. We aim to recognise whether your brand and products are marketable within a digital space. Identifying market readiness is key in making sure that you will realise a return in hiring our services.

2. Prospective customer

Understanding your customer within the digital space is imperative. Together with you, we will create user personas that would represent your ideal customers using existing data as well as our own research conducted by studying the consumer behaviour patterns.

3. Competition

Studying your competition will allow us to highlight your USP’s as well as analyse theirs. With the help of our Digital Marketing team, we will be able to highlight any market gaps or pain points that needs to be solved using ideation.

After the above-mentioned activities are completed, we will handover a set of recommendations that will allow us to use our complimentary services in order to build or improve your digital platforms and digital marketing. Our quarterly reviews will allow us to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the recommended strategies through agreed KPIs

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